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Gonzalo Higuaín is good for Manchester United if they’ll pull him to be forward.

Gonzalo Higuaín
Gonzalo Higuaín

As known as now the transfer market this round is open. This article will talking about one of the boosting team rumor that is Manchester United paying attention to Gonzalo Higuaín for new forward.

So that, the transfer market this round is open and obvioudly see that Manchester United’s Coach Louis Van Gaal rumored with many forward and Gonzalo Higuaín is the one. Because after last season, Manchester United sent new forward that borrow from Monaco, Rafael Van Gaal back because Rafael Val Gaal can’t respond about making the score which Manchester United seeking for new forward. Personally, if Manchester United really interested in Gonzalo Higuaín like in the news. It is a good option.

The reason is Gonzalo Higuaín has great form and from his previous work can clearly see he’s still got good skill on making score. If Manchester United gets Gonzalo Higuaín, he could respond to the team about making score and moreover for next season Napoli can’t go through EUFA Champion League. So, Manchester United make a proposal, it’s has a chance that Gonzalo Higuaín will move and play to Manchester United in next season.

This round of transfer market besides At Madrid has to boost the team they still have to hold the main player!


Can’t deny that At Madrid’s Coach Diego Simeone in last season, had pretty bad performance because his work in La Liga Spain for reaching the champ they didn’t do well  compare to two big team Real Madrid and Barcelona as they precede the score.
For this reason, this new round of transfer market that now open At Madrid’s Coach Diego Simeone will have to do more of team support because from previous work obviously At Madrid still inferior to Real Madrid and Barcelona. If next season they want to push forward to the champ especially for striker which At Madrid should boost on this position because clearly see that they’re still inferior to another two big teams. If At Madrid seek for another outstanding striker also can make the score. Next season they will beat those two top teams. However, besides they need to boost the team also they need to hold the main player into the team too.
As if from the latest news have many At Madrid player that got into moving to other team which if At Madrid still let player moving out, it’ll affect their team again. That’s mean At Madrid need to seek for new player and they’ll take time to accommodate which that’s will effect to the way to the champ. So, for the transfer market now that open, to support the team is what they must do still the team must not release main player to moving out because At Madrid’s Coach Diego Simeone is now going appropriate. Just support in some point and they will not have to adjust again on next season.

Fernando Llorente is really a good boost for Liverpool!

Fernando Llorente
Fernando Llorente

If talking about Arsenal’s coach Arsène Wenger with rumored boost the team. They have the news with a lot of forward because forward they having now can’t respond to the playing plan which all the time Arsenal has rumor with many player and one of them is Fernando Llorente.

For the rumor that Arsenal’s Coach Arsène Wenger pay attention on Fernando Llorente this article will talk about this news. Personally, It’s interesting news because if Arsenal really pay attention to pull Fernando Llorente, is it really good idea to pull him to support Arsenal?
For the reason, if Arsenal will sekk for new forward should find other player because if they really want Fernando Llorente to be new forward, Arsenal still have the one and don’t need to waste money to buy the new one. Even though, Fernando’s compensation isn’t high but Arsenal already got forward player that playing style familiar to Fernando that is Oliver Giroud and he get better performance. Moreover, Fernando Llorente needs to take time to adjust to the team and premier league. So, If Arsenal seek for new forward, should find better one.